Software Engineering: What It Takes to Be a Successful Software Engineer

Software Engineering

what is a software engineer? Software engineering is one of the most lucrative fields in the tech industry today, with an average salary hovering around $100,000 per year and an average growth rate of nearly 20%. But what exactly does it take to become a successful software engineer? We’ll go over what software engineers do, how much they earn, and the education you need to start down this career path. 

Types of Software Engineers

There are different types of software engineers. The two main categories are software engineering and systems engineering. Software engineers make sure an application’s code is written properly and works correctly, while systems engineers make sure an application’s hardware works with other hardware to form one cohesive unit. Specific titles include software engineer, senior software engineer, lead software engineer, and architect. A first-year developer with less than a year of experience can expect an annual salary range of $50,000 – $80,000 depending on work environment and location; mid-level employees can earn between $80,000 – $120,000, and highly experienced veterans have been known to reach six figures. These numbers represent average salaries based on industry standards, but actual salaries will vary greatly by company and location. Software engineers who develop embedded software for mobile devices or medical equipment may be able to command higher salaries as these products become more complex. Also, compensation tends to increase in metropolitan areas like New York City or San Francisco where demand for skilled developers is high due to increased competition from startups and established companies alike.

What does a software engineer do

in software engineering careers, software engineers are valued for their ability to create solutions for big problems. They work in many industries including aerospace, military, health care, and financial services. Although in some cases, programmers or application developers might make more money on an hourly basis than software engineers do on an annual basis, because of all of that experience and qualifications software engineers usually have higher pay when all is said and done. One thing is for sure: being a good software engineer requires dedication and lots of practice in programming languages. 

Education required to be a software engineer Education Requirements 

Software engineers can come from different educational backgrounds. However, many employers and software engineers’ salary ranges highly value applicants with advanced degrees in engineering or computer science. Degrees such as Master of Computer Science (MCS) or Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (BSCS) are highly valued by employers and can make it easier for you to get into software engineering careers. Many graduates who study computer science go on to get their master’s degrees as they begin their software engineering careers. 

Typical Daily Routine 

Software engineers often wake up early, eat breakfast, and head to work by 8 am. This schedule is pretty normal for all 9-to-5 jobs but once you get into software engineering as a career it will become your everyday routine that you are going to do every day. To be an effective software engineer in your daily workflow, it’s imperative that you first have time management skills and be able to accomplish everything on time, with professionalism. The following are steps in order to complete tasks efficiently with motivation. Read our post How To Become More Motivated With A Daily Routine And Set Goals for more information on motivation techniques. Other than being organized and motivated, here are steps you can take in the order of importance according to numerous professional software engineers we interviewed 

software engineer salary and Location 

According to Glassdoor’s latest annual report, software engineers in Canada can expect an average base salary of $76,488 per year. Software engineers in Australia earn an average base salary of AU$108,000 ($91,436) per year. In Germany, it’s around €60,000 ($65,520). Software engineer salaries also vary by experience and location. Entry-level software engineers earn an average base salary of $67K per year with only one to four years of experience. An experienced software engineer with five to 10 years under his or her belt can expect an average salary of $100K. 


The median software engineer’s salary in 2013 was $90,530. Someone with just a bachelor’s degree can easily earn $50,000 per year. The demand for software engineers is growing fast and there are many rewarding career opportunities in several industries. There are many areas of specialization and concentrations that can be pursued while preparing for your career as a software engineer including cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, and robotics.


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