Top 5 Apple Watch Features

Apple Watch Features


In this article, we’re going to discuss the best Apple watch features that the company has invented. If you wear an Apple Watch and don’t know about these cool features, then you are not using your watch in the best way.

Best user-demanded features of Apple Watch

Always on-screen feature

The Apple Watch’s always-on screen is one of its top features. Ever since it was introduced at an event alongside the iPhone 6 and Apple Pay, users have been asking for the feature. Other smartwatches have similar features, but the watch’s display is much larger. You can use Siri on your watch to take calls and see the time without lifting your wrist. Lastly, you can check the time from your wrist using the built-in camera.

Workout Records

The most useful of these features is the ability to record your workouts. There are a variety of workout apps available, including yoga and Pilates. These programs will help you keep track of your exercise and heart rate. You can also choose which music you want to hear at any given time. The Apple Watch will automatically sync your music with your iPhone when it’s charging. If you want to listen to your music on the go, Bluetooth headphones are a must-have accessory.

Call Picking up Feature

The Apple Watch is also compatible with wireless headphones and can send and receive calls. In addition, it can also track your heart rate. You can even use the Breathe app to manage your stress. And because it’s cellular, you can even make phone calls without your phone. You can also stream music and use emergency SOS. Those are just a few of the features of the Apple Watch. If you’re looking for a wearable that keeps up with your life, the AppleWatch may be the device for you.

Monitor major body analytics

Another great feature of the Apple Watch is the ability to monitor blood oxygen levels. This is called SpO2 tech and works with the Apple Watch’s red light sensor. This helps you monitor your heart rate and alert you of any health problems. However, this feature is only available on the Apple Watch Series 6, which is the most expensive model. Regardless of which one you choose, the AppleWatch is still a great device. Enjoy! You won’t regret spending the extra money.

The Apple Watch’s heart sensor uses specific vibration patterns to signal commands. Many people do not notice the subtle vibrations. The Apple Watch’s screen is large enough to easily read text messages. A second screen will show the heart rate, but it can be difficult to see. If you don’t like the ECGs, you can use the cellular-enabled model. You can also make calls with the watch while listening to music on your iPhone.

Automatic Brightness Control

The OLED display is a great feature of the Apple Watch. The watch’s display can be adjusted to match the brightness level of the sun. You can even customize the brightness of your watch’s display with a companion app. If you accidentally drop your Apple Watch in the water, it will not cause any water damage, and the same with the iPhone.

For more advanced features, check out the cellular Series 3 version and the Bluetooth-enabled version. You can also use the cellular Series to make calls. If you want to listen to music from the watch, you can pair it with Bluetooth headphones.


So, these were the top five features of the Apple Watch that can come in handy anywhere for you to use. Tell us in the comments, which feature we have missed and how many features from the list you already knew. Share this with Apple Gadget Fans and get them to know about these secret features of Apple Watch.


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