Professional Gamer Salary

Professional gamer salary

How much money do professional gamers make?

Esports is one of the greatest gaming stages on the planet. As per a Goldman Sachs report, Esports have a bigger number of watchers than HBO, ESPN, and Netflix have joined the watchers. The esports business will develop from 10 billion out of 2021 to 24 billion out of every 2024. As of 2021, the world has 2.7 million gamers, and the quantity of female gamers is more than 1 million. As indicated by Pew Research Center, 97% of teenagers, young men, and 83% of young ladies mess around. The IFSF has 111 member national federations. Considering Professional gamer salary, a gamer can earn $4,250 in a month and $50,000 in a year.

Esports Feature

1. Competitive

– You must have one and more enemies and play to destroy them. for example, pubg,valorant, call of duty, counter strike, league of legends.

2. Official Tournament

– Every well-known game is not an esports event. The esports game is the sole official tournament.

How to start a career in gaming

1. Research which game can your future bright

2. Decide which game you want to play

3. Purchase accessories for gaming

4. Build your confidence

5. Do practice

6. Join a group

7. Apply for competition

Esports  Professional gamer salary in different ways :

1. Paid salary for a team.

2. Competition.

3. Branding rights/Branding represent.

4. Viewer donation.

5. Sponsorship.

Benefits of playing esports

As a result of playing the game together, the teamwork experience increases. Hand-eye-co-ordination is improved. Even some of the colleges give scholarships to gamers. Esports players are better than other athletes in the college admission maths examination. They are also doing better results in STEM (science, technology, engineering, math).

In 2021, the 10 biggest esports gaming competitions were:

DOTA 2$47.20 Million
CS: GO$21.00 Million
Pubg Battleground$16.00 Million
Pubg Mobile$14.50 Million
Arena of valor$13.30 Million
Fortnite$09.50 Million
League of Legends$07.30 Million
Shadow Verse$01.00 Million
Call of Duty: Mobile$01.00 Million
Brawl Stars$01.00 Million

Top professional gamer salary

Johan SundsteinDOTA 2$7.4 Million (BBC)
FortniteKyle Giersdrf$3.2 Million
CS: GOPeter Rasmussen$1.9 Million
Call of DutyLan Porter$1.3 Million
League of LegendsLee Song Hyeok$1.3 Million


Top 3 universities for education

  1. Miami University
  2. Boise State University
  3. Harrisburg University

They are made curricular for esports education. Atlanta, Kansas, and Texas city also investing in esports games. In 2022 Japan started its first “esports school” and they are also tech about the Standard Japanese Curriculum.

Opportunity for gaming job

Thinking globally, now the gaming industry has become $180.3 Billion. Which will become $218.7 Billion by 2024. Companies like EA Sports, Nintendo, and Microsoft are creating job opportunities for gamers. Until 2021, the USA generates $85.86 Billion and employment of 2 million people has been created. Middle Eastern people are also running in this industry. Prince Faisal (president) thinks that Video game tournaments for money will make a big contribution to GDP. Since different countries are working on this, hopefully, gaming will play a big role in the world market.


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