Pentagon and GreyNoise get together to pick apart internet scams

Pentagon and GreyNoise

The US defense headquarters, The Pentagon, and GreyNoise Intelligence, a cyber-security analysis company, recently partnered to investigate the rising number of internet scams.  Reportedly, both have entered a 5-year multimillion-dollar contract to get to the root of evolving threats extending over the cyber world. Cyber scams have only grown in sophistication as they have increased in number and have taken on corporate as well as international espionage, and the Pentagon aims to understand them better in an attempt to enhance its defensive strategies. Only this year, the spyware Pegasus was unearthed on the phones of American government officials, and cyber-attacks rose by 20% compared to the last few years.

As all devices connected to the internet deal with a constant barrage of domain requests and communication, the internet has become a crowded and difficult area to secure. Cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for open ports and access points that can manifest as basic running services. A problem arises when junk gets mistaken for malicious activity or vice versa. When security tools point out something unusual, analysts are left with the challenge of sifting out cyber threats from spam. This usually leads to a waste of resources, including time, money, and labor.

Differentiating real threats from benign ones:

Identifying actual threats from harmless or opportunistic ones and separating the two is where GreyNoise is proving particularly useful. The company’s internet sensor network operates by collecting scan data and also analyzes its signatures to give cyber security personnel a framework for the scans. These analysts can then look for abnormalities or jumps in scans that can point them towards viral and malicious threats, such as worm outbreaks, and even signs of attackers probing for entry points through unpatched vulnerabilities. This further enables analysts to develop and implement effective filters that automatically distinguish between irrelevant annoyances like spam and active or dangerous cyber threats, saving time and energy, like an android spying app also does.

Identification of genuine risks and those that may pose as innocuous are areas Greynoise and cyber-intelligence firms specialize and excel at, and GreyNoise CEO and founder Andrew Morris press upon the significance of accurate differentiation. For instance, a company may get a security alert when an unknown IP attempts communication with a system or node that houses valuable or classified company data. The alert can then be scanned and assessed further, depending on the exact value or sensitivity of the target system. When an analyst searches for the IP in the GreyNoise and finds out whether it was a routine request and not a targeted attack, the team can prioritize important security issues and carry on. Thus, tenacious threats can be caught and combatted on time.

How Greynoise and similar strategies can help corporations?

Greynoise provides solutions by collecting Internet Protocol (IP) data and using it for the future. Every day, businesses may face an average of 100 threats a day. Unaddressed ones can lead to system crashes, successful ransomware, and phishing scams, all that can create enormous losses. Corporations within the US and many around the globe were hit and faced immeasurable losses on account of corporate espionage attacks executed through the internet. Companies of all sizes and lines of work have been exposed to cyber-attacks before and should be privy to securing their networks now since almost all work and data is stored online. According to Greynoise, cyber scans with threat distinguishing features and an updated database can reduce the alert load by up to 38% by reducing false or harmless alerts.

Most businesses nowadays have enabled at least 40% of their workforce to carry on remotely, which has greatly increased false-positive alerts.  An MDR solution or tracking software can also benefit in companies in cases where remote labor is high because it can efficiently monitor employees and give timely warnings of breaches before they occur. A phone spy app works to ensure both productivity and internet security for a corporation of any size, especially when work devices are provided by the company itself.


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