How to Reduce Your Internet Bill

Reduce Your Internet Bill

Are you frustrated to see your internet bill inflate every month? Do you keep thinking of switching to another more affordable service plan like Cox internet plans? Have you given up on paying equipment rental every month? If yes is your answer to these questions, then you aren’t the only one struggling to lower your internet bill.

There’s no denying that internet bill makes up a significant portion of our utility bills. After all, the internet is no longer a luxury. It is now an important part of our everyday lives. The good news is that you can lower your monthly internet bill with these proven methods. Keep reading to learn the ropes.

1. Purchase Your Own Internet Equipment

Most internet companies rent out internet devices such as modems and routers. These tools often come with free maintenance and other so-called benefits. Equipment rental can make a significant portion of your monthly internet bill. The best way to get rid of these monthly rentals is to buy a router or a modem of your own.

Buying a company-compatible modem or router may be expensive in the short term, but the long-term benefits are tremendous. It is advisable to buy a two-in-one modem and router device if you want great speeds and consistent performance. You can check out internet equipment that is compatible with your ISP on Google.

2. Change Your Internet Plan

Great speeds are essential, provided you’re a content creator or a hardcore gamer. If you aren’t either, why bother spending so much money on a high-speed internet plan. Also, count the number of internet-enabled devices in your home before buying an internet plan. If you’re a single user, you may not need an internet plan for 3-4 devices.

It is advisable to go over your internet requirements before selecting a service provider. The higher the internet speed, the higher the monthly bill. If you use the internet for certain activities like browsing and streaming, internet companies that provide decent speeds are what you should look for. Do not fall for superfast internet plans or other aggressive marketing tactics.

3. Bundle Different Services

If you’re paying separately for cable and internet services, do you even save bro? Many broadband companies have bundled services: giving out two services for the price of one. Purchasing bundle offers instead of regular internet or TV plans can be a huge cost saver.

Almost all major internet companies in the United States let you bundle two or even three services. It is advisable to take the price of additional streaming services into account before you go bundle. The purpose of bundle offers is to reduce your monthly internet bill, not increase it. Bundles vary by provider. So, take a good look at the offers.

4. Compare Pricing Points

Technology has led to the widespread availability of the internet. The United States alone is home to dozens of internet service providers. That means you could find hundreds of different internet plans and bundle packages. Comparing the prices of different companies is one of the core aspects of lowering your internet bill.

Start by confirming the availability of potential service providers in your area. Major DSL, cable, and fiber companies operate across 50 states in the U.S. That means you will be getting three of the four types of broadband services if you’re living in an urban center in the country. Shop around to see which internet company has the best deals to offer.

Some Additional Tips

Apart from the abovementioned methods, you can negotiate your bill or switch between providers. Negotiating your bill may not give you extraordinary discounts but there’s no harm in trying. Remember, try to sound as polite as possible when talking to the customer care representative. Also, equip yourself with important information such as your current bill vs the one you paid when you signed up for the service.

If you aren’t convinced, you could always switch from one provider to another. Many people sign up under different names to get promotional discounts and low introductory pricing points. The practice may be illegal in theory but it is one of the most popular ways when it comes to lowering monthly internet bills.

You can also benefit from government subsidies if you’re looking for affordable internet bills. However, you will need to meet several requirements to become a part of a government program. It is worth mentioning that many internet companies offer student internet plans as well as low-income packages. Explore your options if you want to lower your internet bill.


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