What is Email Validation and How does it Work?

email validation

You must have heard of the term email validation by now. But if you don’t know what it means, here’s a brief explanation of it to help you understand it better. Basically, email validation refers to the process that helps validate email addresses and make sure they are working properly or not. The ways of doing this are described in detail below. 

What is Email Validation

If you are sending a direct email advertising campaign to a list of email addresses, then it becomes really important to validate these email addresses. This is because if you send your ad to an address that ends up bouncing back (returned by an SMTP server) then you will have wasted your time, effort, and money. So what is email validation? What method should be used to validate an email address prior to sending out an advertisement? 

How does Email Validation work

There are various ways of doing email validation. You can use online service providers that offer email validation services or use software to help you validate your emails. The main aim of such services is to remove or reduce spam from your emails so that your emails get through to your intended recipients’ inboxes. There are various benefits of mail validation; a few include 

Benefits of Email Validation

When you validate an email address, you help stop spam. Spam can be time-consuming to filter out of an inbox, causing frustration for users and clogging up your email servers. In addition, spam negatively impacts end-users by filling their inboxes with unneeded messages that distract them from emails they want to see. By validating email addresses with tools like a DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) signature or Sender Policy Framework (SPF), you reduce spam sent through your domain. Validating email addresses also prevents other forms of unwanted correspondence, such as SMS texts from marketing companies hoping to reach new customers. 

Different ways to validate an email address in bulk

There are numerous ways of validating an email address, or a list of email addresses for that matter. Generally speaking, you need to run a series of checks in order to determine whether a particular email address exists or not. An example would be sending out a basic test message. Another way would be to crawl through your server logs to see if there are any traceable hits from addresses on your list (there should be none). But what you’re looking for here is so-called false positives – or in other words, when someone else got hold of an email address you have on your list and used it (or rather abused it) themselves. It can happen if users share their passwords, leave their accounts open, etc. 

The Ways of Doing Email Validation

This guide on What is Email Validation will help you understand how email validation works and its benefits. A world without spammers! Are we there yet? This post will give you a detailed explanation of what email validation really means along with tools to achieve that goal. Stay tuned!… 

Summary & Resources

Summary of What is Email Validation & Benefits of Email Validation & The Ways of Doing mail Validation. Plus a list of free email validation services 


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