7 Digital Advertising Examples That Will Get You New Customers

Digital Advertising Examples

In a world of rapid changes, it’s not always easy to know the best way to advertise and sell your products and services. But now that we’ve listed 7 of the most successful tips for digital advertising you can use to get new customers, there’s no need to worry!

7 Digital Advertising Examples That Will Get You New Customers

There is an old saying that says “you can’t sell something to someone who never heard of you.” In today’s world, the truth of this saying has been taken a step further with the rise of e-commerce. To get new customers, most companies will need to advertise their products or services through digital channels. Here are 7 Digital Advertising Examples that will help you get more new customers.

Tip 1: Consider the time of day your ads are shown

Digital advertising can be expensive, but there are ways to save money. One way is to consider the time of day your ads are shown. If you’re a restaurant and want to promote a happy hour special on Fridays, for example, it might be more effective to advertise during a Friday morning commute than during lunchtime.

A good time to advertise is in the morning or during mid-day. People have more time to check your ads then and they’re more likely to click on them. However, if you advertise at night, people are more tired and less likely to click on something they just briefly glanced at.

Tip 2: Target high-value audiences to cut down on ad costs

One key to digital advertising success is targeting your ads to the right audience. If you are trying to sell a luxury item, for example, you would want to target high-income individuals. This will help cut down on ad costs because that audience has a higher conversion rate and spends more money than other audiences.

If you target the right audiences, it will cut down on your advertising costs. For example, one of the most expensive ad types is TV ads. But if you’re targeting a smaller audience like millennials in a specific area, it will be much cheaper per click.

Tip 3: Check your competitors’ ads for inspiration and ideas

You may find that one of your competitors is doing something well, like using a specific theme or slogan. Figure out what they’re doing better and incorporate it into your ad campaign.

Comparing your competitors’ ads to yours can give you new ideas and inspiration. Besides being a helpful tip, it is also a great way for you to keep an eye on your competition. You may want to analyze what ads are working for them and what ones aren’t as well. This will help you learn more about their customers and the type of digital advertising examples that are going to work best for your business.

Tip 4: Follow up with targeted social media posts and videos

To get the most out of social media, it’s important to follow up with targeted posts and videos. You should post content that is similar to what you posted before. That way your followers will remember you from the last time they saw you on their feed. You should also make sure that your posts are interesting and relevant to your audience.

After you’ve made a sale, be sure to follow up with your customer with a post or video on social media. This will help them remember their new purchase and it will also allow you to target specific groups of people that are likely to buy what you’re offering. Be sure to set up audience targeting for your posts or videos so that they only show up for people in the correct demographic.

Tip 5: Try paid advertising to reach a targeted audience

Paid advertising can be a good way to reach targeted audiences that are ready to buy. However, there are different types of paid advertising. Facebook, for example, lets you target certain age groups or genders with ads. You can also target people who live in certain areas and have certain interests. Find out more about the different types of paid ads so that you can better target your customers for success.

Paid advertising can be a good way to reach a targeted audience. However, if you’re not sure how much of your budget to allocate for paid advertising, here are some questions to ask yourself:

– Who do I want my message to reach?

– What type of content will this person find engaging?

– How much money am I willing to spend on this campaign?

Tip 6: Be mobile ready

This means having a website that is optimized for mobile viewing and that’s just not harder to use on a small screen. It also means using responsive ads so they will show appropriately on all types of devices.

To make sure that your company can keep up with the digital era, you’ll need a mobile-ready site. A mobile-ready site is designed to be viewed on a mobile device, like a phone or tablet. This means that it’s functional and easy to use on these smaller screens.

Tip 7: Create videos

Videos are more than just a marketing tactic; they’re a way of life. Not only do they help you connect with your audience and earn the trust of potential customers, but they also give you an immersive experience that will make them want to buy from you. Create videos that are high-quality and engaging so people will want to see them over and over again.

Video ads are becoming increasingly popular because they capture attention and convert better than text or images. Videos can be used to showcase your products, explain how they work, or show a before-and-after effect. For example, the video below shows how electric cars work in the rain by showing footage from a camera mounted on a rain-soaked car.


This blog article discusses 7 Digital Advertising Examples that will get you, new customers. It starts by talking about being creative, marketing to your target audience, and understanding how advertising works. The article then talks about an example where the author used LinkedIn ads to increase her client’s sales by over 100%.


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